Thursday, October 8, 2009

runnin' on empty

ah…it has been a while. what, might you ask, has been going on? why no post in such a long time? well i am glad you asked my faithful reader(s). to your questions i respond; "quite a bit" and "see the answer to question number one." where to begin? well how is this for starters? right around the time i last posted to this blog, shannon and i found out that we will be having a child. it is true. two out of three pregnancy tests confirmed it. we're still not sure what was up with that third one. this news has been greeted with what seems to be sincere excitement from a good number of people. i have been congratulated by a good number more. i have been filled with excitement and fear and great deal of stress. neither of our jobs offers health insurance and we don't seem to qualify for any other programs so all the expenses will be coming right out of our pockets.
i have also been logging more running miles than any other time since my junior year in college. when my work schedule allowed i also managed to participate in several races. two of my favorites; the utica boilermaker, and the run for jon in peru, ny, and a new one for me, the wineglass marathon in corning. while i have turned in some decent results, most notably a second in corning, the road back to "fitness" is proving to be a rocky one. my body doesn't recover like it used to and long work weeks combined with higher miles leaves me feeling beaten and exhausted. somehow i don't remember it being so hard back in college. still i guess i am doing okay. other people seem to think so anyway.
sprinkle in the mix work schedules with hours ranging up to the upper fifties and two hour one way commutes and there ends up very little time left in the week for anything else.
i know it doesn't seem like much when it is actually written out, but it sure feels like a lot. on top of it all though, i feel grateful. grateful because i have my wife, friends, and family who support me, believe in me, and make it all worth while.

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