Sunday, May 3, 2009

goin postal

I really like my new job. It keeps me moving and I have already lost some excess pounds. I like being outside and I talk to some nice and interesting people from time to time. That isn't to say this jobs doesn't have its' drawbacks. It can be stressing on a heavy volume day. Put one such day together with social security or the disbursement of any kind of assistance check and you have got the fixings for for a human bomb. Just yesterday I was treated to the pleasure of being berated by a toothless elderly woman in a trailer park. She threatened to get me fired for stealing her SSI check. Of course I had done no such thing. Her check actually came a day late and was sitting in her mailbox as she was yelling at me. I really hope that she felt like an idiot when she got around to looking in the box. I doubt it. We can all hope right? It makes me wonder why anyone thinks that the carrier has anything to do with when we get the mail to give to them or why they think that we would risk jail time, fines, loosing our jobs, or any other unwanted outcome for what amounts to pocket change in the grand scheme of things. All i know is this job has taught me better self control and insight into how the term going postal has come to be. Lets all give thanks that the LLV's don't come equipped as rendered above.